[Pict] Siwon & Tiffany @12Plus CF Shooting #2

SiFany again~~ hahahhaha

other picture of SIFANY @12Plus CF shooting.. ♥.♥

Siwon took a picture with Tiffany when they were having dinner after press confrence 12Plus.. and Siwon said happy birthday t0 Tiffany  on his twitter..

aah,, they spent time together in Thailand.. ♥.♥

Prophets, are  you happy guys?? ^o^

cre pict : SiFany (Siwon and Tiffany) , SiFany (Siwon + Tiffany) on Facebook , @Siwon407

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8 thoughts on “[Pict] Siwon & Tiffany @12Plus CF Shooting #2

  1. KYAAAAAAAAAAA >o< *lirik pic terakhir*
    co cwiiittt!!!!!!! semoga beneran deh mereka jadiaan, coz i'm prophet!!!!

  2. I’M HAPPY !!!! #teriak pake toak# sekian lm nunggu moment mrk lg, akhrny ada jg. sempat tkt, gara2 fandom war kmrn SNSD n SUJU da mulai direnggangkn untk mnutpi skandal n menyelmtkn soshi dr bashing. aihh… aq mulai yakin klo mrk mank da something.

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