FF SeoKyu | The Way to Break Up

seokyu-the way to break up

Title : The Way to Break Up

Author : @tikaHyunnie407 *me*

Lenght : One Shoot

Cast :

# Kyuhyun

# Seohyun

Supporting cast :

# Yoona

# Kibum

# Donghae

nb : oh ya, ada baiknya baca sambil denger the way to break up nya kyuhyun ya.. hehhhe.. biar dapet feel nya.. 🙂

— The Way to Break Up —

“Even if it’s painful, I’ll pretend it’s nothing

Even if I’m tearing, there’s a way to keep it in

Even if my heart is scarred, there’s a way to still peacefully smile

That is the way to break up”

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